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National Skydiving Association

The National Skydiving Association was an organization that Roger Nelson, DZO of Skydive Chicago, tried to form several years ago. He later dropped the idea.

Today, the name National Skydiving Association is used on and These websites list DZs that they have supposedly 'approved' or 'certified'. In reality, they have just linked to major DZs. There is no certification process. also 'borrowed' the web layout from

If you see something similar to "Adventure Skydiving Mississippi offers the most advanced training methods available by NSA certified instructors." on any website, it means nothing.

You can contact DZs directly and ask them if the know about NSA. I did that. Here are a few of the replies.

"To the best of my knowledge, it was a guy that was going to start an organization to refer prospective students. I don't even remember signing up, if I did." - Buzz Fink, Skydive San Diego

"By god, I don't know either. If you find out I'd like to know." - Joe Weber, Skydive Oregon is registered to:
P.O. Box 440383
Kennesaw, GA 30160
Administrative Contact:
Quattrocchi, Cary (CUAXJETFII)
Atlanta SC Inc.
P.O. Box 440383
Kennesaw, GA 30160
770-684-3483 123 123 1234

In the US, the United States Parachute Association (USPA) is the only organization recognized by the FAA to certify skydiving instructors.

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