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March 2, 2000

PSB #20000302


Subject: Main Container Closing Loop Retainer


Identification: All Relative Workshop Vector I & II Harness/container Systems that have a closing loop retainer that incorporates a grommet on a Type 12 webbing extension, attached to the reserve/main container divider wall.

Background: There have been several reported incidents where a main canopy Spectra suspension line has snagged under the edge of the loop retainer grommet. This can result in a main canopy-in-tow malfunction, despite being cutaway. This problem only recently surfaced due to the popular use of Spectra line on modern ram-air canopies. This type of retainer has been used extensively over the last two decades without incident when Nylon or Dacron suspension lines were in common use. These lines were too large in diameter to snag on this grommet. Because lines can also wrap around this retainer due to improper packing or improper body position during deployment, we have elected to remove this retainer entirely.

Service Bulletin: Relative Workshop requires that this type of loop retainer be removed. Carefully cut the stitching holding the retainer to the reserve wall. Avoid damaging the reserve wall by cutting the stitches directly on the surface of the retainer. This removal can be performed without removing the reserve canopy from the pack tray.

The main closing loop will be repositioned to the bottom closing flap grommet. Cover the underside of the grommet with 1" - 1.5" wide cotton or nylon elastic material to retain the loop. Insure that the edges of the elastic material are sewn over completely to prevent a line from snagging on the corner of the new retainer. A 304 or 308 zig-zag lock stitch, or 301 straight lock stitch should be used on two sides of the elastic retainer to secure it in place.

Materials Required: Cotton Elastic Webbing, 1"-1.5" wide (MIL-W-5664), or Nylon elastic webbing equivalent. Sew with Nylon No. 69 E-thread.

Tools Required: 304 zig-zag lock stitch , or double-throw 308 zig-zag stitch, or a 301 straight lock stitch.

Qualified Personnel: Any certificated rigger may perform this work.

Compliance Date: April 1, 2000

Authority: Relative Workshop, Deland, Florida, USA

Distribution: Relative Workshop website, Parachutist & Skydiving Magazines

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