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Rudder Pedal Protector

by Jan Meyer

Steve Haskett doesn't trust his Cessna 182 passengers. He protects the right side rudder pedals with a piece of plywood that is conveniently hinged the aircraft flight deck. The top of the board, when in the upright configuration, rests against the lower edge of the control panel. Jumpers' equipment cannot bump controls as easily when their forward movement is blocked by the board. Many pilots will find this plywood blocking board to keep students, exuberant spotters and just plain careless jumpers from inadvertently pushing controls.

Originally published in Sport Parachutist's Safety Journal V1, #4 Nov/Dec 1988.
©Copyright 1988, 1996 by Jan Meyer. Republished with permission.

Dedicated to enhancing sport parachuting safety by disseminating information about equipment, environments and human factors.

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