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Saving Face

by Jeff Newton

A great way of preventing altimeter lenses from being scratched is to glue tiny seashells to the center of an altimeter lens. The seashell prevents the lens from touching the ground when the altimeter is laid face down. Small seashells are used so the altimeter can be easily read. The lens never gets scratched because the seashell props the lens off the ground. Buttons or jewelry can be used in lieu of seashells. This trick has been used for years on student altimeters. Jumpers who pack with their altimeters dangling from their chest strap or permanently mounted to their rig will find this idea to save the face of their altimeter.

Originally published in Sport Parachutist's Safety Journal V1, #1 May/June 1988.
©Copyright 1988, 1996 by Jan Meyer. Republished with permission.

Dedicated to enhancing sport parachuting safety by disseminating information about equipment, environments and human factors.

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